Dark Princess: Queen of Subs

Sometimes I like to get inspired by my favorite vampire and seductress “Akasha” from Queen of the Damned. I grew up on this movie and book and it’s a big part of who I grew to be as my own woman. I love how she’s the QUEEN of ALL vampires and they must serve her or perish like the mortals. I can be sweet as pie or your worst fucking nightmare. Even when I appear to be “sweet” it’s all a trap to get boys wrapped around my finger. I am the sexy alternative black babe you’ve always dreamed of being with … or being dominated by … either way your soul will belong to me eventually and their will be NO turning back. Be my Lestat?

Do you like my more glam-goth vampire looks? If so let me know and i’ll consider recording some hot goth babe series of clips for my fans. I am very much inspired by the dark side just as much as I love wearing pink and being bratty. I am multidimensional and I like to explore all sides of me. So get ready for more goth/dark clips coming soon to my clip stores.


Bow down and kiss my expensive sneakers bitch boy.