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New sadistic clip: Vasectomy Victim

You met a hot girl at the grocery store and she invited you over to her house afterwards. Little do you know, she’s a hardcore female supremacist and hates all men. She has a remedy for your stupid male tendencies, which might be painful for you but very pleasurable for her. It looks like your’e on the schedule for a homemade vasectomy. Looks like you’re her first victim!

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New Video for submissive white bois!

I’m the boss and you’re the worker. You know how this goes. On your knees white boi and hand over that cash while I humiliate you and remind you of your lifelong duty. You’re an inferior and it’s time your finally accept your fate. Watch and learn.


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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello loves. So I’m back from my hiatus, and feeling sexier than ever this summer. I decided to bring back my blog so that my boys can keep up to date with me and all of my sexiness. I will be adding lots of free pics and goodies here for my fans, aswell as have some private posts for my good boys eyes only.

This summer I plan on shooting lots of fetish videos, I’m in the process of re-decorating my set so my new videos will pop even more.

I have a new snapchat: princesschar420 and a new instagram @femdom_charni / make sure you follow me there too!

But in other news, I released 2 new videos, so make sure you go get them!


10 mins / Findom: Pay for my ExistenceBUY NOW

7 mins / College girl Seduces You With FeetBUY NOW