Pay for my Existence

A beautiful princess like me should never have to want for anything as long as beta’s like you exist.

Worship and PAY me for my existence. Everyday of your pathetic life. U should be lucky to even be in my online presence slave. I just love being hot in my 20’s with no worries while you boys go to work and slave for me. You live the boring life so I don’t have to!

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White Boi’s Work for Me Pt.2

I’m the boss and you’re the worker. You know how this goes. On your knees white boi and hand over that cash while I humiliate you and remind you of your lifelong duty. You’re an inferior and it’s time your finally accept your fate. Watch and learn.


I expect ALL of my white subs to purchase this video đŸ˜‰ GET ON IT!

White Boys Work For Me

White boys LOVE handing over their money to me… and I will always be here to take it from them. Just another casual Monday. đŸ™‚




If you are a white boi who needs reminding of their place in my world, and just what I truly think of you… start with these clips below:


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