Dirty Lil Cum Eater


What will you do to please me? Degrade yourself? Taste your own cum? Of course you’ll do anything I say because your’e a pathetic loser and i’m a hot bratty princess. Today you’re gonna be getting that cock of yours hard and stroking it while I tease you and make you into my dirty lil cum eater!

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Pay for my Existence

A beautiful princess like me should never have to want for anything as long as beta’s like you exist.

Worship and PAY me for my existence. Everyday of your pathetic life. U should be lucky to even be in my online presence slave. I just love being hot in my 20’s with no worries while you boys go to work and slave for me. You live the boring life so I don’t have to!

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You Cant Handle Me Loser


I’m just too much for a simple beta bitch like you.

Is it my ass, legs, feet that drive you losers wild or is because you are just another weak minded bitch? I’m sure it’s a mixture of both. Today in this clip i’m gonna tease you and sensually dominate you verbally while I tell you to jerk off to my perfection and the control I have over weak bitches like you. Towards the end I give you a JOI 15 second cum countdown… further proving my point of how you cant handle a hot princess bratty like me…

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Dark Princess: Queen of Subs

Sometimes I like to get inspired by my favorite vampire and seductress “Akasha” from Queen of the Damned. I grew up on this movie and book and it’s a big part of who I grew to be as my own woman. I love how she’s the QUEEN of ALL vampires and they must serve her or perish like the mortals. I can be sweet as pie or your worst fucking nightmare. Even when I appear to be “sweet” it’s all a trap to get boys wrapped around my finger. I am the sexy alternative black babe you’ve always dreamed of being with … or being dominated by … either way your soul will belong to me eventually and their will be NO turning back. Be my Lestat?

Do you like my more glam-goth vampire looks? If so let me know and i’ll consider recording some hot goth babe series of clips for my fans. I am very much inspired by the dark side just as much as I love wearing pink and being bratty. I am multidimensional and I like to explore all sides of me. So get ready for more goth/dark clips coming soon to my clip stores.


Bow down and kiss my expensive sneakers bitch boy.

White Boi’s Work for Me Pt.2

I’m the boss and you’re the worker. You know how this goes. On your knees white boi and hand over that cash while I humiliate you and remind you of your lifelong duty. You’re an inferior and it’s time your finally accept your fate. Watch and learn.


I expect ALL of my white subs to purchase this video đŸ˜‰ GET ON IT!

Princess Snaps <3

I don’t snap much but I must say I’ve been looking super cute the past couple of days. I’m loving my new hair, it’s so cute just like me. If you think i’m cute send me a tribute đŸ˜‰

Add me on BOTH my snapchats so you don’t miss a beat!

Personal/public: charnixrated | 18+ fetish xxx snap: princesschar420

White Boys Work For Me

White boys LOVE handing over their money to me… and I will always be here to take it from them. Just another casual Monday. đŸ™‚




If you are a white boi who needs reminding of their place in my world, and just what I truly think of you… start with these clips below:


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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello loves. So I’m back from my hiatus, and feeling sexier than ever this summer. I decided to bring back my blog so that my boys can keep up to date with me and all of my sexiness. I will be adding lots of free pics and goodies here for my fans, so check back regularly for new stuff.

This summer I plan on shooting lots of fetish videos, I’m in the process of re-decorating my set so my new videos will pop even more.

Make sure you book me for a skype session or order a custom video from yours truly!